Carry On Cowboy is the eleventh in the Carry On film series, released in 1965 and starring Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey and Joan Sims. Angela Douglas makes the first of four appearances, while Peter Butterworth and Bernard Bresslaw are introduced to the repertoir. Featuring a brief appearance by the Ballet Montparnasse, the film's cancan sequence is one of the best-remembered of the 1960s, due to the overwhelming popularity of the Carry On franchise.

Cancan sceneEdit

Outlaw Johnny Finger, better known as The Rumpo Kid (Sid James), rides into the frontier-town of Stodge City, and immediately guns down three complete strangers, orders alcohol at the saloon - horrifying Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams), the teetotal Mayor of of the town - then shoots the town's sheriff. Rumpo then takes over the saloon, courting its former owner, the sharp-shooting Belle (Joan Sims), and brings in a troupe of cancan girls (played by the Ballet Montparnasse) to entertain the local riff-raff. Naturally, Judge Burke is mortified by the sight of young women "showing their underthings" in public - "right up to here" and attempts to close the show down.