The Langley Base Army Camouflage Unit is a British special forces division specially trained in the art of camouflage. They are staking out a glade in the Heathrow countryside where a young couple (Jimmy Thompson and Jenny Lee-Wright) come for a picnic, but soon the young couple hear the tree trunks rustling. After the couple departs, the soldiers relax with drink and cigarettes, but in time, a young lady (Sue Bond and two friends (Cheryl Gilham and Dennie Bayliss) have decided to go sunbathing in front of them. The members of the stunned unit take snapshots as the girls strip down to their underwear and depart for the clearing, leaving their clothes hanging on some nearby branches.

The scene is interrupted by the arrival of Tredder and Son woodcutters (Bob Todd and Jackie Wright) who proceed to try to saw down one of the tree-trunks, sending the disguised troops into a panic. The unit takes off down the grassy slope chased by the woodcutters and the young women.

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  • The men in the tree trunks are possibly Benny Hill, Henry McGee and Nicholas Parsons.
  • The identity of the truck driver is currently unknown.
  • The location of the sketch is unrevealed, but it's possibly somewhere near Teddington. In an interview, Sue Upton mentioned that Benny always filmed on locations close to the Teddington Studios.
  • The scene was the closing tag to Episode 15 (December 27, 1972).